The AV and Trade Show market is a fast paced and detailed rental industry; with exacting schedules and tight deadlines.   

The slow growth in the economy has actually spurned growth in this rental area.  Over the five years to 2020,  IBISWorld forecasts that industry revenue will increase; profitability is expected to follow suit.


Key Areas of the Business  

➔ Lighting and A/V
➔ Staging
➔ Production
➔ Trade shows


Industry Challenges

  1. Complexity of the projects
  2. Number of assets to manage and movement of the assets
  3. Mixture of serialized and non-serialized inventory
  4. Kit management
  5. Multiple billing scenarios with percent complete as well as rental
  6. Project management
  7. Replacement parts and sales management
  8. People management internally and externally in multiple locations
  9. Maintaining tight relationship with customers throughout the project
  10. Recognizing the “fast moving” trends in the market
  11. Flexibility to pivot in the fast moving environment


  • The breadth of options and capabilities allows you to manage the most complex projects
  • Using the in-memory database gives you the responsiveness to manage large amounts of data
  • A billing engine can handle virtually any billing scenario
  • Unlimited kitting and add-on capability
  • FameFS can effectively manage a diverse and disparate workforce
  • Interconnectivity with Customers, Employees, Partners and Vendors to create community and the ability to get connected and stay connected throughout a project
  • Dispatch capabilities to direct the right assets to the job efficiently
  • Ability to manage an unlimited number of variables/criteria for equipment, workforce, regulations and deliver the correct result in very difficult circumstances
  • Full inventory and billing capability
  • FameMetrics gives you up-to-the minute data on profitability at any point overall or in a project.  FameMetrics will allow you to recognize trends to put you ahead of the curve

Let Fame Rental show you the real growth opportunities.