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Rental Examples
Asset Profitability
Asset Time Utilization
Asset Financial Utilization
Available Assets by Type
Fleet Age
Fleet Apportionment
Rental Revenue per Date
Percent change in Rental Revenue
Percent Change in Yield
Time on Rent
Open Contracts by End Date
Expected Returns (per row)
Rental History per Asset

Maintenance Examples
Work Order (WO) Status
WO On-Time Analysis
Late Work Orders
WO WIP Report
Parts/Labor Required for Future PMs
Inventory Available for Future PMs
Projected vs. actual WO Cost Analysis
Work orders per Equipment
Work orders per Technician
Technician Estimated vs. Actual Benchmarks
Maintenance Types Analysis
Solution Type Analysis
Mean Time Between Failure by Manufacturer
Mean Time Between Failure by Model

Asset Performance Examples
Equipment Downtime
Mean-Time Between Failure
Last Tech before Failure
PM’s Since Last Failure
Percent Out of Service

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