The General Rental Market is the Backbone of the Rental Industry, with the Most Diverse Equipment Mix and the Largest Amount of Competition.     

The key general rental management is to figure out how to keep the diverse group of customers engaged and coming back.   It is all about superior customer service and the correct mix of equipment.

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Key Customer Types

➔ Small Construction
➔ Landscapers
➔ Corporate
➔ Homeowners

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Industry Challenges

  1. Keeping pace with large international competitors
  2. Manage complexities in billing and scheduling
  3. Balancing asset portfolio and cash flow
  4. Utilization and re-sale of fleet
  5. Offering superior customer service
  6. Parts and sales inventory management
  7. Reduced equipment downtime and repair expense
  8. Service management for customer equipment
  9. Equipment lifecycle management and planning
  10. Gain visibility into the availability of all equipment and personnel, at all locations.


  • Leveling the playing field with the HANA Platform…the best technology platform available today.  
  • A billing engine integrated into a full featured accounts receivable to increase cash flow and reduce average days to pay
  • Mobile real time information available on any device
  • Interconnectivity with Customers, Employees, Partners and Vendors to create community and customer loyalty
  • Dispatch with logic and matrix to deploy the correct equipment at the correct time with the correct operator
  • Fully integrated Service APP (FameFS) that  protects your investment and keeps your fleet at an optimal level
  • FameFS allows customers to request service directly from their mobile device and allows them to monitor service at all times
  • Ability to manage an unlimited number of variables/criteria for equipment, workforce, regulations and deliver the correct result in very difficult circumstances
  • Full inventory and billing capability
  • FameMetrics gives you up to the minute data on profitability, utilization, deliveries and any other metrics you would like to measure in real time

Let Fame Rental build a tighter connected community