The Heavy Equipment Rental Industry is a highly leveraged, risky venture, rewarding only the top performers. 

Over the five years to 2020, stronger demand from downstream transportation, mining and construction sectors will boost industry performance. IBISWorld forecasts that, over this period, industry revenue will increase; profitability is expected to follow suit.  

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Industry Segments

➔ Excavating/Earthmoving
➔ Crane
➔ Highway
➔ Lift Equipment

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Industry Challenges

  1. Maintaining appropriate levels of inventory
  2. Rate optimization
  3. Upselling with the multi-use and add-on products
  4. Accurate and timely billing
  5. Maintenance of Equipment both in-shop and on customer site
  6. Meeting customer expectations
  7. Profitable disposal plan  for equipment
  8. Asset lifecycle management
  9. Replacement parts and Warranty
  10. Investment utilization


  • Real time information giving all of the utilization measurements to make the correct decisions
  • Variable rate that allows adjustments to the rate based on the current utilization
  • Kitting and upselling capability built into the system
  • Automated billing with global rules and customer specific exceptions
  • FameFS manages your maintenance with a simple to use interface that keep your fleet humming
  • Dispatch capabilities to direct the right assets to the job efficiently
  • Ability to manage an unlimited number of variables/criteria for equipment, workforce, regulations and deliver the correct result in very difficult circumstances
  • Full inventory and billing capability
  • The best depreciation engine in the industry
  • FameFS puts warranty management in the palm of your hand
  • FameMetrics will give measure utilization from every angle of every asset

Let Fame Rental do the heavy lifting to profitability.