US Oil & Gas Industry is Going to Double in Five Years; Are you Prepared?

The Oil and Gas Industry is growing in the US and expected to hit $53.7 Billion worldwide according to Oil and Gas Finance Journal.   This indicates a market that will more than double in a five year period

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Industry Segments:


Industry Challenges

  1. Real-time visibility of any aspect of the business.
  2. Ability to analyze profitability by job, service type, vehicle, equipment, crew, operator, well, etc.
  3. Improve asset utilization and knowledge of equipment whereabouts.
  4. Efficiently bill for vehicles, equipment & crew deployed in the field.
  5. Dispatch, rent, deploy, service, record ticket information, bill operators, provide well history, and much more, all within a single database.
  6. Reduced equipment downtime and repair expense.
  7. Reduce delays in ticket / invoice approval process, thereby increasing cash flow.
  8. Easily comply with operators’ unique requirements, including site, well, rig or AFE information.
  9. Have the flexibility to enter field tickets, either after the fact or in advance as a request for service.
  10. Gain visibility into the availability of all equipment and personnel, at all locations.


  • Utilizes the HANA Platform…the best technology platform available today to keep information at your fingertips
  • Mobile real-time information available on any device
  • Dispatch with logic and matrix to deploy the correct equipment at the correct time with the correct operator
  • Fully integrated Service APP (FameFS) that keeps equipment running and allows customers direct access to request service and monitor ongoing service
  • Ability to manage an unlimited number of variables/criteria for equipment, workforce, regulations and deliver the correct result in very difficult circumstances
  • Integrate to telematics and RFID to understand the location of all equipment at any time
  • FameMetrics gives you up to the minute data on profitability, utilization, deliveries and any other metrics you would like to measure in real time

Let Fame Rental help you get closer to your customers and strike oil.