Manage and Maintain Supplier Related Activity
Manage the procurement process, from creating purchase orders to paying vendors. Coordinate the complete order-to-pay cycle, including receipts, invoices, and returns. Plan material requirements for production, control bills of material, and replenish inventory automatically.

Purchase Order
When you order materials or services from suppliers, you can create purchase orders and print, mail, fax, or e-mail them directly to the supplier. A purchase order updates the available quantity of the ordered items and informs the warehouse manager of the expected delivery date. In addition, you can split a single purchase order into multiple parts when, for example, items need to be shipped to multiple warehouses.

Goods Receipt Purchase Order
Decide whether you would like to receive deliveries at one warehouse or multiple warehouses. Goods receipts may be linked to a purchase order, which means that the purchase order quantity can change if the quantity received does not match the original order amount.

A/P Invoice
Process payments to suppliers by acting on journal entries the software automatically generates when you process supplier invoices.

A/P Credit Memo
Issue a credit memo to any supplier for returned merchandise. You can easily draw the data required for that credit memo from the original invoice.

Landed Costs
Calculate the purchase price of merchandise by allocating the various landed-cost elements (such as freight, insurance, and customs duties) to the FOB cost of each item. The actual warehouse value of merchandise updates automatically.

Document Drafts and Printing
Edit and manage all purchasing documents that have been saved as drafts and print them (including drafts) by period, document number, or document type.

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