Multiple Warehouses
Manage inventories in multiple warehouses and locations using FIFO, moving average, serial or batch, or standard costing. Even perform available-to-promise checks. Maintain multiple units of measure and item prices in local and foreign currency. Even manage inventory by bin location in every warehouse.

Stock Movements
Record goods receipts and issues in any warehouse and track your stock transfers from one warehouse to another. The application can integrate individual item prices or price lists, updating inventory valuation at the same time. It also fully integrates inventory and accounting transactions.

Tracking & Costing
Create an unlimited number of price lists, integrate multiple currencies, pre-assign prices to specific customers, and define discount rules that are automatically applied to transactions with vendors and customers. Special pricing tools allow you to manage discounts based on volume, cash, or customer accounts.

Perform instant availability checks and track item stock levels with real-time visibility of the inventory you have “available to promise.” The software provides you with quantity details, adjusted by what is already committed to other customers, incoming purchases, and production orders.

Get answers quickly with interactive report drill-down functionality to click through relevant data. Detailed reports on stock transactions and inventory valuations, inventory counts, BOMs, production planning, and material requirements provide the information necessary to make quick and effective management decisions.

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