Your Team’s Safety is Paramount; Let’s Make it Easier to Manage. 

The industry is growing rapidly both financially and technologically.  Many rental solutions are tailored to the specific project.

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Industry Challenges

  1. Engineered Solutions specific for the project
  2. Multiple configurations of same materials
  3. Maintaining and inventorying large number of parts and pieces
  4. Kit management
  5. Multiple billing scenarios with percent complete as well as rental
  6. Varied Rate structure with declining rental rate based on length of rental
  7. Project management
  8. Highly regulated industry
  9. Crew management and dispatch
  10. Maintaining tight relationship with customers through the project
  11. Large projects that need to measured
  12. Difficulty in determining buy plans based on previous usage


  • Inventory management that gives flexibility of individual and kit items
  • A billing engine can handle virtually any billing scenarios
  • Unlimited kitting and add-on capability
  • Rate Matrix that can handle the most complex structure
  • Interconnectivity with Customers, Employees, Partners and Vendors to create community and ability to get connected and stay connected throughout a project
  • Dispatch capabilities to direct the right assets to the job efficiently
  • Ability to manage an unlimited number of variables/criteria for equipment, workforce, regulations and deliver the correct result in very difficult circumstances
  • Full inventory and billing capability
  • FameMetrics will give you the right answers related to what to buy and when

Let Fame Rental Safely Navigate your Future.